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Цена: 10.00BGN

Dunlop Drum Shell 65 Polish & Cleaner


Dunlop's drummer's version of Formula 65 is perfect for common drum wood finishes and bright metal trim.

Цена: 13.00BGN

Gibraltar SC-SSBE Standard Snare Butt End

Tightly secures your snare wire cords, strips, or wires for worry-free performance

Engineered with standard screw spacing and key nuts to match most kits' hardware
 Backed by Gibraltar's rock-solid reputation for build quality and reliability

– Standard key tension butt plate
– Mount hole spacing 2-3⁄4″ (1/pack)

Цена: 19.00BGN
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Gibraltar SC-4248 Drum Speed Key

The Gibraltar Speed Key is a crank shaped drum key that has great torque and allows for speedy head changes. The key features a 1/4" socket that fits most standard drum tension rods.
Gibraltar SC-4248 Speed Drum Key
Perfect for speedy head changes!
It is a powerful toll that is built with durability and strength in mind.
Цена: 19.00BGN

Gibraltar SC-GTK Tri Key Tool

This tool condenses three important maintenance tools into one. A drum key, hex key, and Phillips screwdriver are bound by a central connector that includes a keychain lip to make bringing this tool to gigs easier than ever.
Цена: 29.00BGN

Zildjian 20" Cymbal bag

Our standard cymbal carrying bag. Features a shoulder stap and carry handles.

Цена: 69.00BGN

Gibraltar SC-DPC Double Ball L-Rod Platform w/clamp

Double L-Rod platform with adjustable multi-clamp (Multi-clamp fits up to 1" diameter tube) (1pk)

It is always recommended that you check your drum for actual Tom Arm size before purchasing.

Цена: 76.00BGN

Gibraltar SC-600HA 3/4" Diameter Ratchet Style Tom Arm, 1 Pack

This Gibraltar Ratchet style tom arm is hard waring and heavy duty. Gibraltar have a wide variety of tom mounting systems. Fits many older and non-branded drum sets.

Цена: 79.00BGN

Gibraltar SC-DP Double Ball L-Rod Platform w/post

Double Ball L-Rod Platform w/post 
Double L-Rod platform with 1" diameter Vertical post for double tom mounting. 

It is always recommended that you check your drum for actual Tom Arm size before purchasing.

Цена: 99.00BGN
Цена: 99.00BGN
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Fender® Vintage Strap Black

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