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Roland RMP-3 Rhythm Coach

Rhythm Training with a Brain !!!

The most affordable Rhythm Coach

Patented mesh head technology for a great acoustic feel

New Rhythm Coach exercises such as “stroke balance”

5 metronome sounds to choose from

Mix input for playing along with CD players or other audio devices

Цена: 329.00BGN

Цена: 557.00BGN

Gretsch Catalina Club Ebony Gloss CT-E825-GE Drum Set

Building on all the elements that
have made Catalina Club so
successful, the 2010 range is bigger than ever.

Each set features Catalina Club
7 ply mahogany shells and offers
a controlled, powerful sound.
From the round, classic tones of
the 18”, to the boom of the 24”,

Catalina Club is as versatile as you are.

Цена: 1,299.00BGN
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Gretsch Catalina Ash 5 pc Shell Drum Pack * Liquid Black w FREE 8" Tom AC-E825PT6-LBB

The Gretsch Catalina Ash series has been designed with power in mind for the player who is looking full, penetrating tones and solid overall features. Ash wood produces a lively tone that projects a clear, cutting sound. The snare quickly reacts with an aggressive tone that bites with authority. The UV gloss finishes (AC and AR colors) fully reveal the visually striking ash wood grain pattern throughout the drum set. The LBB color option features Liquid Black wrap with black nickel hardware for a sleek and mysterious appearance. Other features include pro tom holders, heavy 2.5 triple-flanged hoops, die-cast bass drum claws, telescopic spurs, GTS tom suspension systems.

Цена: 1,299.00BGN
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