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Gibraltar SC-GDCP Double Bass Drum Click Pad

– Double mylar pad with metal disk
– Center and stick to bass drum batter head (1/pack)

Цена: 29.00BGN
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Remo DM-0579-70 5", 7" & 9" Black DynamO Bass Head Cutting Template Pack

Easy to cut-out template
Match the color of your drum head
Supports Bass Drum Head Port
Adhesive backing makes it easy to apply
Includes 5", 7" and 9 " template

Цена: 69.00BGN

Roland PDS-2 Rhythm Coach Pad Stand

The PDS-2 is a small, sturdy stand with an adjustable angle for the Rhythm Coach Series. Easily transportable, this stand allows you to practice on your Roland RMP-1, RMP-3, and RMP-5, RMP-12 Rhythm Coach V-Pad anywhere, anytime.

Цена: 269.00BGN
Цена: 449.00BGN
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Remo Modular Practice Pad™ Set RP-0202-58

The Remo Modular Practice Pad™ Set is a 5-piece set including 6-3/4" and 10" diameter tunable Practice Pad™s with Ebony® and Ambassador® Coated drumheads for a real drum feel. Ideal for practicing in situations where volume is not permissible. Lightweight and portable, the pads are mounted on a strong, fully adjustable tubular frame.

Цена: 549.00BGN
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