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Best selling brand of acoustic guitars in the UK now at Bulgarian market:

Дата: 2012-07-25


Established in England in 1991, Tanglewood Guitar Company UK has emerged as the best selling brand of acoustic guitars in the UK and Ireland. Since being introduced  Tanglewood guitars have turned heads for their unsurpassed playability and tasteful designs.

Tanglewood instruments reflect a perfect blend between time-honored design philosophies and modern manufacturing methodologies. Designed by some of Europe’s most celebrated luthiers, each guitar is a manifestation of some of the finest tonewoods available, produced with our factories’ meticulous attention to detail. Each instrument is quality-checked and set up at Tanglewood's facilities immediately prior to shipping, to ensure a comfortable and consistent playing experience.

In 2009, Tanglewood introduced the Tanglewood MasterDesign Series - the new crème-de-la-crème of Tanglewood, designed by Swedish master luthier Michael Sandén.

This addition to the line-up joined Tanglewood's existing Series - Heritage, Sundance, Premier and Evolution - making Tanglewood Guitar Company UK one of the most complete and exciting family of instruments available today.

Get your hands on one of our guitars designed to inspire the artist within, and you'll experience all of the reasons why Players Get It.

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