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Drumstick Wax

Zildjian's new Drumstick Wax provides a comfortably tacky grip on any drumstick or mallet. Its grip-enhancing wax formulation can be applied at any time and in any amount to any stick, old or new. Drumstick Wax does not need to be reapplied as it reactivates with normal playing heat. It is packaged in convenient 2 oz. tins, features a pleasant tropical scent and leaves hands feeling clean - no uncomfortable buildup!
Price: 10.00BGN

Dunlop Drum Shell 65 Polish and Cleaner

Dunlop's drummer's version of Formula 65 is perfect for common drum wood finishes and bright metal trim.



Price: 13.00BGN

Gibraltar SC-SSBE Standard Snare Butt End

Tightly secures your snare wire cords, strips, or wires for worry-free performance

Engineered with standard screw spacing and key nuts to match most kits' hardware
 Backed by Gibraltar's rock-solid reputation for build quality and reliability

– Standard key tension butt plate
– Mount hole spacing 2-3⁄4″ (1/pack)

Price: 19.00BGN
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Gibraltar SC-4248 Drum Tuning Speed Key

The Gibraltar Speed Key is a crank shaped drum key that has great torque and allows for speedy head changes. The key features a 1/4" socket that fits most standard drum tension rods.
Gibraltar SC-4248 Speed Drum Key
Perfect for speedy head changes!
It is a powerful toll that is built with durability and strength in mind.
Price: 19.00BGN

Gibraltar SC-GTK Tri Key Tool

This tool condenses three important maintenance tools into one. A drum key, hex key, and Phillips screwdriver are bound by a central connector that includes a keychain lip to make bringing this tool to gigs easier than ever.
Price: 29.00BGN

Zildjian 20" Cymbal bag

Our standard cymbal carrying bag. Features a shoulder stap and carry handles.

Price: 69.00BGN

Gibraltar SC-DPC Double Ball L-Rod Platform w/clamp

Double L-Rod platform with adjustable multi-clamp (Multi-clamp fits up to 1" diameter tube) (1pk)

It is always recommended that you check your drum for actual Tom Arm size before purchasing.

Price: 76.00BGN

Gibraltar SC-600HA 3/4" Diameter Ratchet Style Tom Arm, 1 Pack

This Gibraltar Ratchet style tom arm is hard waring and heavy duty. Gibraltar have a wide variety of tom mounting systems. Fits many older and non-branded drum sets.

Price: 79.00BGN

Gibraltar SC-DP Double Ball L-Rod Platform w/post Double Tom Holder

Double Ball L-Rod Platform w/post 
Double L-Rod platform with 1" diameter Vertical post for double tom mounting. 

It is always recommended that you check your drum for actual Tom Arm size before purchasing.

Price: 99.00BGN

Gibraltar GDPCB, Double Pedal Carry Bag

This fully padded carrying bag for your double-bass pedal will accommodate any Gibraltar double-bass pedals or pedals from most other brands.
Price: 99.00BGN
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