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Roland RMP-5 Rhythm Coach

The RMP-3 made headlines when it was announced in early 2005. Today Roland builds on its winning rhythm line with the new RMP-5. Sharing a few key features in common with the popular RMP-3, the RMP-5 has a great-feeling, tunable mesh drumhead, and a convenient one-piece molded body with integrated pad and brain. The RMP-5 strides to the front of the class, however, with its 54 onboard PCM sounds (including snare drums, kick, cymbals, and percussion instruments; the RMP-3 has no built-in sampled sounds) plus an external dual trigger input so you can add a kick and cymbal pad for drum kit practice. The RMP-5 also features an advanced, expanded Rhythm Coach mode.


Price: 328.30BGN
List Price: 469.00BGN
Discount: 140.70BGN (30.00%)
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•PCM sound engine with 54 sounds onboard
•External dual trigger input for adding an optional kick and cymbal pad
•Variety of metronome sounds and patterns (samba, jazz, etc.)
•Convenient one-piece design
•Large LCD screen
•Patented mesh head technology for a great acoustic feel
•Advanced Rhythm Coach exercises, featuring Stroke Balance and Time Check
•Mix input for playing along with CD players or other audio devices


Pad Size
8 inches
Pad Sounds
54 types
Click Sounds
15 types
Rhythm Types
24 types
22 types
24 types
Rhythm Coach Functions
TIME CHECK (8 variations)
ACCURACY SCORE (4 variations)
QUIET COUNT (6 variations)
AUTO UP/DOWN (6 variations)
RHYTHMIC NOTES (3 variations)
STROKE BALANCE (2 variations)
PHONES/OUTPUT Jack: 1 (Stereo miniature phone type)
AC Adaptor Jack
MIX IN Jack: 1 (Miniature phone type)
EXT TRIG IN Jack: 1 (Dual)
* Using the PCS-31L, you can connect two pads. In that case, the rim shot, edge shot, and choking features are unavailable.
Power Supply
DC 9 V: Dry Battery 6LR61/1604A (9 V) type (alkaline), AC Adaptor
Current Draw
80 mA

* Expected battery life under continuous use:
Carbon: 1 hour
Alkaline: 4 hours
These figures will vary depending on the actual conditions of use.
Screw for mounting on stands
Dry Battery 6LR61/1604A (9 V) type (alkaline)
Tuning Key
Owner's Manual
AC Adaptor: BOSS PSA series
Pad Stand: PDS-2
Pad Cable: PCS-31L
Pads (PD-8, PD-85BK/WT, PD-105BK/WT, PD-125BK/WT)
Cymbals (CY-8, CY-12R/C, CY-14C, CY-15R)
Kick Triggers (KD-8, KD-7, KD-85BK/WT, KD-120BK/WT)
Drum Triggers (RT-3T�RT-5S�RT-7K)
Size and WeightWidth
263 mm
10-3/8 inches
348 mm
13-3/4 inches
78 mm
3-1/8 inches
1.3 kg
2 lbs. 14 oz.


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